The Camelot Brewery


In addition to the brand new catering offer, the owners have started their own PRODUCTION OF BEER nearby Novi Sad, which can be tasted only in this Gastro Pub.

We are offering LIGHT, RED and DARK CAMELOT BEER. The main advantage of The Camelot Beer is that it is made exclusively of barley malt, without the addition of other non-reared raw materials, and therefore a HEADACHE AFTER DRUNKENNESS IS EXCLUDED. All essential ingredients are contained in Camelot Beer as it is not filtered.

It is also recommended for pregnant women due to the increased content of vitamin B. The Camelot CRAFT BEER - contains a small amount of residual, untreated extracts and traces of yeast and has a slightly pronounced bitterness. The longer aging, results in the stabilization of the flavor and the beer is saturated with carbon dioxide. The Camelot beer contains exactly a specific percentage of alcohol that enhances the taste and smell of other ingredients of beer and contributes to the harmonization of the flavor.

The Camelot beer is less asperity and contains carbon dioxide that slowly separates itself from the beer and gives it a distinctive fine taste and produces an abundant fine grain of foam (collar), which is one of the first beer quality measures that BEER LOVER can see. Also, good beer foam is a sure sign that it has been produced from quality and fresh raw materials. The Camelot beer is opalescent, blurry, but it contains a whole range of vitamins, minerals, sugar...

...The most beautiful are
the mustaches from our beer...
The Camelot