The Camelot Novi Sad

Novi Sad

On April 7th 2011, we decided to bring the spirit of chivalry into a peaceful plain town. The Camelot Novi Sad grew up in a place known for its pleasant atmosphere, positive energy, friendly personnel and excellent food!

Knight's offer of home-made food is enriched with our CRAFT CAMELOT BEER (light, red, dark) from our brewery!

We organize all kinds of CELEBRATION and also we perform DELIVERY and CATERING services.

Gastro Pub's working hours are on weekdays and on Saturday from 08 AM to 11 PM, and on Sunday  from 09 AM to 11 PM.

Our team consists of 23 knights and court ladies, who are kind, smiling and expertly guided, irrespective of which position they are. The most important of all - as a team we are the strongest!





Address: Sremska 9, 21000 Novi Sad, Srbija

Tel: +381 (0)21 528 095

Business hours: working days 08 - 23,  saturday from 08 - 24h, sunday 09 - 24h